Online Qurbani Service In Karachi Pakistan

Online Qurbani Service in Karachi

In the year 2021, the whole world is being through tough times. Pakistan is facing a rapid rise in coronavirus cases. As a result trend of online Qurbani is getting a boost. People are looking for a Convenient and reliable Online Qurbani Service. To avoid the hectic trips to cattle markets to buy animals, taking care of them and sacrificing them.

Are you looking for Online Qurbani service in Karachi for this Eid-ul-Azha 2022?

In this situation, is the best option for Qurbani Service in Karachi. Our team of Online Qurbani is working hard to deliver the best Qurbani service in Karachi

We consider all the requirements according to Islamic Shariah. 

Check Out the priority list:

  • Qurbani Animals will be healthy
  • All goat, sheep & cows will be under the supervision of our team.
  • Your Ordered Qurbani will be performed on the assigned time
  • Animals will be slaughtered in a halal way with dua 
  • The professional butchers will prepare the meat.
  • The Qurbani meat will be appropriately packed.
  • A representative will be in touch with the customer until the meat is delivered.

How to Book Your Qurbani Animals?

The procedure is quite simple. You can book your desired animal and quantity at our Website

Just follow the steps:

  1. Add to cart the goat sheep, Cow or Cow share you want
  2. Write your full name in the section Name
  3. Give your correct phone number so that our team can contact you
  4. Mention your complete address like House no, Street, Area 
  5. Write your city & email address 
  6. If there is any message you want to convey it to our manager, Write it in the additional information box.
  7. Please place your order, and Our team will contact you shortly. 
  8. The delivery of meat is available for Karachi only.
  9. We can deliver the meat to your home or any organization
  10. If you don’t want the meat & want it to be distributed to the deserving families, just select the option  Distribute to Deserving Families
  11. For details or queries, you can contact us on 0335 510 1555

Our Price List 

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Online Sheep Qurbani

Qurbani Dumba (Sheep)


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Online Cow Qurbani (Share)

Qurbani Cow Share


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Online Goat Qurbani

Qurbani Bakra (Goat)


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    Goat for Aqiqah & Sadaqah Qurbani 

    We also offer the Qurbani service for Aqiqah & Sadaqah.

    You can order goats for Aqiqah & Sadaqah Purpose. All the criteria are the same for ordering. You can mention in additional information whether Qurbani is for Sadqah or Aqiqah. This service is valid for Karachi only. 


    Online Qurbani Made Easy has made Qurbani easy for you. Once you book the Qurbani goat, sheep or cow share. Our team will take all the responsibility of purchasing good animals, taking care of them & sacrificing them according to Sunnah-e-Ibraheem. Moreover, we keep your Qurbani meat protected. Pack them and deliver it to you safely.


    Final Verdict

    So we conclude that Online Qurbani is the best deal for safe Qurbani these days. is providing you the quality service of Qurbani with home delivery. Just book your animals online and enjoy Eid-ul-Azha to the fullest.