Booking & Sale Agreement

  1. Booking of order will be done at the time of payment. Booking will be confirmed only when full payment has been made.
  2. Delivery time will be confirmed 3 days prior from Eid-ul-Adha.
  3. Payments will be made either through Online Bank Transfer or Our rider will collect the payment from your premises.
  4. There will be no refunds offered once the order is confirmed.
  5. The expected weight of goat meat will be 11kg – 13kg and per share of cow/bull will be 12-14kg. However, the size and weight of the live animal sacrificed will determine the final weight of the meat.
  6. Sale of animal to the customer(s) for the purpose of sacrificing will take place before slaughtering.
  7. The animal(s) will be sacrificed according to shariah rulings
  8. I understand there can be delays in couducting Qurbani and delivery of meat because of the reasons like extreme weather / government SOPs / etc which are beyond the control of team.

Qurbani Service Agreement

  1. I hereby authorize to perform the qurbani/sacrifice of my purchased animal(s) on my behalf.
  2. I further authorize to donate the hide(s) of the animal(s) to charitable institutions/organizations applicable to my purchased animal(s).
  3. I also authorize to donate the head(s) (mundi), excess fat and white offal of the animal(s) to charitable institutions/ organizations/needy people applicable to my purchased animal(s).
  4. I hereby allow meat one to distribute the meat to the needy on my behalf if i fail to receive / pick up the meat as per defined schedule.

I understand and also agree to the following statements:

• The allocated share of meat would be given to me according to the time and address specified and communicated.

• I take responsibility of taking care of the order receipt and its loss.

I hereby declare that i have thoroughly read and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated above. I allow to perform qurbani on my behalf. I expect that will honor their agreement and provide the allocated share of meat that was ordered and that the sacrifice will be performed according to shariah rulings under the supervision of their shariah advisors. Note: a percentage of qurbani service charge is inclusive in the price.