Qurbani Distribution [Follow Islamic Rules]

Qurbani distribution of meat should be performed by following Islamic Rules and shariah. Here are some points you should keep in mind while proportioning the Qurbani meat:

qurbani distribution

Qurbani Distribution

Following are some rules of Qurbani distribution:

  1. Divide the Qurbani into three portions.
  2. Distribute it among your family, relatives and the needy people.
  3. It is prohibited to pay the butcher by your Qurbani meat or any of the remaining parts.
  4. You can keep the Qurbani meat for yourself for future use. 
  5. If you are selling the skin of your Qurbani animal then you must hand over the acquired amount to the poor. 

Who is eligible to do Qurbani?

Qurbani is a Sunnat-e-Ebrahimi and it is a must on every saahib hesiyat Muslim. Qurbani can be omitted only under the following conditions:

  1. They don’t have wealth equal to 52.5 tola silver
  2. They are not mature enough. 
  3. Those who are travelling at least 40-45 km away from their home.
  4.  They don’t have a sound mind. 

Rest all Muslims must perform Qurbani every year. You can also do Qurbani for the deceased ones. However, you are not allowed to do Qurbani on behalf of your children.