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Online Goat Qurbani

Qurbani Bakra (Goat)


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Goat for Qurbani (Online Qurbani Karachi)

As Eid-ul-Azha is just around the corner and everyone is looking for healthy Qurbani animals. Among all, goats are the in huge demand all over Pakistan. In Karachi, there is a vast bakra mandi where all kinds of goats are available. According to Islamic rules, bakra should be healthy with all complete and fit body parts. One-year-old male bakra with two teeth is best for Qurbani. With this current situation of Panedamic, all Muslims around are worried about performing Qurbani. As Coronavirus is at its peak, offers you the comfort of doing Qurbani Online in Karachi. We assure you that goats chosen for Qurbani will be healthy. Hygiene is our top priority because we want our customers to be happy and healthy. Our team will select the best goat and slaughter it as per shariah laws of Islam. Moreover, the meat will be packed and delivered to you at your doorstep.